Great Success at the International Seminar on the Situation of the Iraqi Academia

The International Seminar on the situation of the Iraqi Academia, organized by the Brussells Tribunal, took place last week at Ghent University with great success. 35 Iraqi academics and a number of international organizations participated in the 3-day conference, which examined the situation of the academy and education in general in Iraq.

More than 20 papers and 10 panel discussions and workshops focused on the destruction of history, culture, and education, the political and social context of the crisis of the education, the situation of women in the academia, the assassination of Iraqi academics, and on the challenges and strategies necessary to rebuild the former Iraqi education system.

The conference finished with two workshops aimed to gather a series of proposals to help rebuilding and recovering Iraqi Academia.

Read more on the conclussions of the Seminar at

See the Ghent Charter signing ceremony.

See videos on the first and second day of the Conference.

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