Iraqi security forces on arrest campaign against Baaquba intellectuals

In a fresh crackdown, Iraqi security forces have arrested more than 100 intellectuals from the restive Province of Diyala of which Baaquba is the capital.

The crackdown comes amid reports of an upsurge in security in the province which groups resisting U.S. occupation and the current government have turned into a stronghold.

Among those arrested are four top medical professors teaching at the Diyala University’s Medical College, professors Mazen Razzouqi, Adel al-Hussaini, Ali al-Husaini and Bahaa Abed.

It is not clear why Iraqi security forces have arrested the intellectuals at a time the Diyala University suffers from severe faculty shortages.

The arrests have angered university staff and students who have demanded their immediate release.

The security forces decline to say why they have made the arrests and whether there will be any charges.

By Kareem al-Zair, 26/01/2011, firt published in

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