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Latest news: International Seminar on the Situation of the Iraqi Academics

Curtis Doebbler will be speaking on thursday 10 march during the seminar: “The human right to education under occupation: Palestine and Iraq compared”.

Overwhelming interest of Iraqi academics. A key objective of the Ghent Seminar is to work towards practical remedies. The organization announces a very strong interest of Iraqi academics to tell their stories and discuss their experiences at the seminar.
To make room for more Iraqi academics at the seminar, parallel sessions will be provided. The program includes a lecture by Hashim Al-Tawil on the destruction of Iraqi culture and more specifically in the area of the systematic and deliberate dismantling of Iraq’s diverse and inclusive modern art landscape. There has been a definite destruction of public monuments, national landmarks, and cultural identity or decades or Iraqi accomplishment, while nurturing Sectarian and regressive forms of visual art in the “new Iraq”.

Latest news on the conference click here.

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