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Christian College Students Attacked in Iraq

هجوم بالمتفجرات على حافلات تقل طلبة بالموصل شمالي العراق

قالت الشرطة المحلية في محافظة نينوى شمالي العراق في بيان لها ان سيارة مفخخة مركونة انفجرت مستهدفة موكب باصات تقل طلبة جامعيين مسيحيين من قضاء الحمدانية شرقي مدينة الموصل مركز المحافظة، وقد اوقع الانفجار عددا من الاصابات بعدما الحق اضرارا بالغة في حافلتين على الاقل .

BBC ، مايو/ أيار, 2010

Christian College Students Attacked in Iraq

Some 70 college students, most of them Christians, were wounded Sunday and another Iraqi was killed when a convoy of school buses was attacked in a double bombing on the outskirts of the northern city of Mosul.

The convoy of about 20 buses was taking students from Christian towns and villages in the Nineveh Plain, back to classes at the University of Mosul. The buses were crossing a joint checkpoint manned by American, Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers. After the first buses crossed the checkpoint, a car bomb parked on the shoulder of the highway blew up in their path. Shortly afterward, a roadside bomb exploded. About five buses were hit by the bombs, witnesses said. The attack happened in an industrial area known as Kokjali, between the joint checkpoint and an Iraqi Army checkpoint less than a mile ahead.

By Sam Dagher, NYT

May 2, 2010

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